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Weapons and Armour

The old adage goes that a craftsman is only as good as his tools. So it also goes that Heroes need to be equipped with the best weapons and armour for their situation, whether that means sneaking in the dark with small, concealable knives or leaping headlong into battle with nothing but a warcry and a huge axe!




Hand Weapons = Hand weapons are single-handed medium weapons that don't add or subtract anything from the skill of the wielder or the armour of the enemy.


Great Weapons = Great Weapons are more cumbersome than Hand Weapons but strike much harder. They will subtract 1 from the wielder's skill but also subtract 1 from the enemy armour.


Light Weapons = Light weapons are smaller than Hand Weapons and add 1 to the skill of the Wielder but also add 1 to the enemy's armour.


Bow =  Bows are simple ranged weapons. They don't add or subtract anything from the skill of the wielder or the armour of the enemy.


Crossbow = Crossbows are powerful ranged weapons but take time to reload. They subtract 1 from the enemy's armor but can only be fired every second turn.


Staff = Staffs are decent enough weapons but are more designed for Wizards to cast their spells with as a focus. They subtract 1 from combat skill rolls but add 1 to the Spellcasting roll.



Light Armour = Light Armour includes leathers and padded armours, which will not slow you down too much and will make very little noise. It is the most basic type of armour and costs very little, encompassing a great range. It gives an Armour of 1.


Heavy Armour = Heavy Armour is much more bulky and protective than light armour, being heavy Maille or even plate. It also requires specialized craftsmen to make and fit and so is quite expensive. It gives an Armour of 3.


Shield = A shield can range from a small buckler to a heavy tower shield but all are built for the same thing; to block the enemies' strikes! It adds 1 to the Armour of its wielder and allows for the Shield Bash skill to be used.


Monster abilities

Many creatures from the dark lands dangerous places of the Realms are capable of unnatural abilities, whether that allow them to affect the minds of mortals or inflict magical-like damage on their foes. These creatures are, as one would expect, incredibly dangerous and should be treated with caution as they are fought.


Creature Conditions:

Many of the abilities of the creatures that Heroes face are constant; passive effects that nevertheless give them a level of threat beyond that of simple beasts.


Fear = many creatures are unpleasant to behold and cause unease in witnesses, such as Demons or Undead. These creatures cause Fear.


Thick Hide = Some creatures have thick or scaly skins that give them natural Armour. These creatures add +1 to their Armour.


Terror = Some creatures are so large and terrifying that they cause Terror in people that behold them.


Flight = Some creatures have wings or other methods to fly, allowing them to pass over obstacles that keep those bound to land in check.


Seductive = Creatures that are Seductive may target an opponent and attempt to charm them.

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