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Pitfall = A basic Pitfall covered in a disguised cover, this will remove a fate point from anyone that falls in and the following turn they will need to spend the turn climbing out. Difficulty 3


Snare Trap = A trap connected to a swinging spiked arm, this will remove a fate point from anyone that triggers it. If they have a shield they can roll Armour against it. Difficulty 3


Sound Trap = This trap will let out a deafening clamor, stunning the character for one turn and alerting all enemies within two rooms to their presence. Difficulty 3


Dart Trap = A hidden pressure plate released darts that hit the character who triggered it. They get hit by 3 darts but can take armour rolls against them. Difficulty 4


Magic Trap = Hidden runes blast the character who triggered them. Roll a d6; this is how many Magic Missiles they get struck by. Difficulty 5

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