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  Stats For Gamer:

All creatures and heroes in the game use stats to guide what they can and can't do, from fighting to picking locks. This section will explain how those stats are used and what they can be used for.


Skill = Skill is used to determine whether you hit or miss when attempting to hit an enemy. The difference in skill between the character and their opponent will add or subtract from the roll. Skill is numbered one to six. Equal Skill between two combatants will result in a attack roll of a 4 or higher being rolled. If the attacker has a skill of 4 and their opponent has a skill of 3 their attack will be bolstered by one, bringing the attack roll down to a 3 or higher. Likewise, if they have 3 and their opponent has 4, then they will find it harder to hit and need a 5 or higher. They will never ordinarily find it impossible to hit however so will at worst hit on a 6. A roll of 1 will always miss.


Will = Will is used for casting spells and resisting morale effects. Will is numbered one to six. When casting a spell, the level of the spell will act as a difficulty check. A spell of 2nd level will require a 3 or more to cast, a spell of 5th level will require a 6 to cast.

Will also help you to stay sane and resist negative Morale effects. When versing a fear or other Morale Penalty you will need to beat its difficulty. Each point of Will above a spell's difficulty will lower the difficulty for the roll by one in the same way that you would roll against an enemy's skill in combat, to a minimum of 2+.


Fate =  Fate is the number of times a character can cheat death, by shrugging off an otherwise mortal wound. These will be heavily dependent on the character; most of the monsters will only ever have 1 Fate unless they are bosses or particularly large and nasty monsters like Ogres or Trolls.


Armour = Armour is either the actual worn armour of a character or an ability that does the same such as a thickened skin or scales. There are 2 types of armour that can act as a saving grace; Light (Armour1) and heavy (Armour3). The character being attacked, once the skill roll has been made may make an armour roll to try and block out the damage. A roll made this way needs to roll under the AC of the character making the roll. All Shields will add an AC of 1 to the total on top of the existing armour.

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