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Firebolt = A Firebolt is a simple spell that makes a single ranged attack against an enemy of the caster's choosing. 


Magic Missile = A magic missile is a versatile attack spell. Once the spell is successfully cast it hits its targets, although they can still take armour rolls against the hits. 


Animal Companion = Animal Companion is a spell that can be cast outside combat. You gain a lesser animal as a companion for the adventure or until it dies. These animals would be Dog, Falcon/Eagle, Large Cat, or things equivalent.


Healing = a healing spell that will restore one point of fate to the target.


Mage Armour = Mage Armour is a spell that increases the caster's own Armour stat by one for 10 rounds.


Bolster = a Bolster spell that will increase the skill or will of the target by 1 but may not take that stat above the maximum value.

. A stat cannot be bolstered more than once this way and it lasts for a single dungeon.


Vines = Vines is a combat spell that will shoot out d3 entangling vines to hold enemies still, making it so that they cannot move for that round.


Animal Friendship = Animal Friendship will charm any animal-type enemy into acting for the caster for 3 rounds. That animal may immediately act as though it hadn't already acted. The animal being cast at must be an enemy to the caster before the spell is cast.


Resurrection = Resurrection will return a character that has been taken out of action to action with full Fate.


Nova = Nova is an Area of effect spell  It can be cast on an area and will hit all enemies in the room. Those enemies will not be able to roll armour against this spell.

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