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                                                                                                         Quest 2

Moloch has found a way to bring four children to his realm; they are not yet dead but saved for a feast the demon plans to have. The children are held in a chamber in his dungeon. Paid for their safe return, a party has entered the underground, and all group has been enchanted to be able to take the heat in Hell as these are mortals. The party must have a Wizard and a Bard to complete this Quest. They start in the sulfuric lake and enter straight into Horkos dungeon, and they will be paid 20 gold coins each on completion of the Quest.

Horkos: start
Minos: enter the valley of Pain.
Cerberus: Goto cave to win the golden sword 
Minos: back threw the dungeon
Marchiosas: cross this region to enter Moloch
Moloch: Save the children

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