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                                                        Quest one

Start in the salt lake in Horkos, the soul of a female human; while alive, she was only a farmer's wife. She did not know that her husband was a god of old darkness who took human form to enjoy a mortal life.

The demon Xezbeth was jealous of his freedom on earth and, in spite caused the farmer's wife her death threw sickness. Before she died, Xezbeth tricked her into giving her soul to Xezbeth after death if she cured her illness, which the demon did. The day after, the farmer's wife woke up feeling good, no more consumption eating away at her; she was attacked in her home while recovering by an escaped criminal who was on the loose. Her Husban can not shed his human form, or he will lose the chance to ever be with her again; he will pay a party and make passage to the underworld for them to find her soul and resurrect her back into her body he has frozen in the lake, the killer strangled her leaving her body with minimal marks, it being winter the farmer sank her body in the frozen lake to preserve it for her resurrection, you only have until the end of winter to complete this task. The party must have a Cleric to be able to Resurrect her.

                                              You would travel 

Horkos: Start here, visit the docks on the salt lake, and pay each one ten golds; they all will have ten gold coins as a new player.

 Atahsaia: Travel to these mountains to find the key to Minos Gate.

Minos: Tavel threw the dungeon to get to the Valley of pain.

Cerberus: Enter the cave to find Hell's forge and win the golden sword with enhanced damage.

Xezbeth: Find the farmer's wife's soul; you should be encountering animals that try to deceive and confuse the group and undead demons; you must battle four beasts of your choice to save her soul. The party must travel back threw Minos to get around the salt lake in Horkos; as neutral ground, her soul can be safe there until the last moon of Februa when the Cleric resurrects her back in her awaiting body.                                  

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