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Interact = A character may take an action to Interact with the surrounding objects. This may be simple like taking a torch from a bracket or lighting/extinguishing a torch in which case no skill check is needed. Alternatively, if it's a more complicated action like Picking a Lock or disabling a trap, a skill check will be required. All characters except Rogues that attempt such an action will halve their Skill stat for these checks.


Hide = a character may take an action to attempt to hide, blending in with the shadows in an attempt to get the drop on enemies or sneak past. An attack made while hidden will get +2 to skill and ignores armour. Rogues get a +2 to hide, Rangers and Druids get a +1. If the room in which the character is hiding is well lit and has an enemy presence, the check to hide or remain hidden is made at a -2.

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