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             The Goal

To get others to use the game, build a community, gain knowledge, and help perfect the system. I am a run and gun game player, never one for RPG until 2021 when I started playing and writing stories; I can bring things to life threw script and prim. However, I need your help to finish this project, and I need a community willing to share their honest opinions and help decide what needs to complete in the system. 
I have priced this game at a low buy-in and use the profits to pay for my land and events to build a community. I was hoping you could help me get others to buy and play the game, develop characters and collect advanced weapons. The characters can be taken out of the game system and used in other games I plan to build; grab a free Character Save HUD at my leading shop. Unfortunately, there is nothing more than a neat-looking prim table display in SL game rooms and taverns without a community.

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