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*The Map

The Map of the 1st Layer is separated into Citadels governed by the lords of this realm. Each of them is in charge of watching the damned souls in this layer, and though they normally vie for power over this wretched land, they work together to drain the divinity of their power. Within each Citadel lies a fragment of the divine; it will be your task to storm the Demonic Strongholds and reclaim it.


Horkos, Punisher of Broken Oaths watches the south of the Dark Lands, witnessing all that arrive. He will find those that break the ties of their word, but will ill allow heroes to do as they will.


Átahsaia, The Giant sits atop a mountain of bones in the center of the map, gnawing on the bones of the damned. He is feared by Demon and Damned alike, for he feasts on the flesh of mankind but will also devour his own.


Marchiosas, The Chimera Marquis Commands thirty legions of Demons in his citadel bordering the lands of Átahsaia to the North East. He is unique among the Demons here in that he will never utter an untruth. Nevertheless he will surely make for a terrible foe.


Moloch, the Bull of Sacrifice stands to the east of the map, burning the damned souls he finds and devouring them. He is one of the more despicable Demon Lords on the 1st Layer, as he prefers the taste of the innocent and ungrown.


Xezbeth, the Liar rules a citadel to the far West of the map. Not much is known about this Demon Lady, except that one must never trust her word.


Minos, the Judge resides in the Gate-Fortress that guards the Plains of Pain, keeping all those within imprisoned. It is he that decides whether the damned souls that pass through this layer of Hell are worthy of further damnation and sends the guilty(er) through to the deeper layers.


Cerberus, the Watchdog stands guard over the realm, placed at the opening of a large cave entrance on the far side of the Plains of Pain, through which the screams of tortured souls can be heard. He stops people from leaving the realm save by further damnation; should a soul prove to be too much trouble for the other Demons, he will appear to rend them asunder, casting their broken forms to the lower levels.

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