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Locked Doors or Chests:


Simple Locks = A simple lock is something like a rope with bells attached, simple to undo but requiring finesse to do so silently. Difficulty 2


Common Mechanical Locks = Common Mechanical locks are things like basic Padlocks, an external lock holding a latch shut. Difficulty 4


Intricate Locks = The best locks are made for the sturdiest chests or doors and are built into it, using the finest components to make the most unpassable mechanisms. Difficulty 5




Living Rope = This rope acts as the Vines spell, although it only ever entangles a single enemy. It will always return to the owner's pack after it's used, although it won't be able to be used to entangle an enemy more than once per combat (They are wise to its tricks).


Potion of Fate Restored = This potion can be imbibed to restore a hero's lost fate. When it is used all points of fate are restored to the hero, including points that have been stolen. The points when returned no longer belong to the creature that stole the fate.


Spell Scroll = A Spell Scroll holds a single spell at random, chosen from the Wizard's spell availabilities. When it is opened the spell within is unleashed, casting as a regular spell of its basic level.


Spell Tome = This Tome holds the knowledge of spells within. It will have a single spell within it chosen at random from any spells, not including Firebolt. A caster capable of learning said spell may learn it from the Tome, provided they meet the Criteria for learning that spell. (see Gaining Skills in the Skills and Spells Category)


Grail of the Hero's Worth = This Grail, when drunk from, will grant the Hero a single Fate Point. There is enough for three sips, but each hero may only drink once. The Hero must roll under their strongest Stat (a roll of 6 always fails) otherwise the grail judges them unworthy and nothing happens.

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