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How to be a Game Master

A Game Master sets the story, controls player stats, and is the mastermind behind RPG . You must know how the game works, and the rules to combat and RP threw the game. You are a storyteller using the laid-out information and your style of explaining the scene to the players.

 We offer complete information on the Dark Lands, and it is up to you to make it all work smoothly.

These games are not automated, and they do not play well with a minimum of 4 players and one game master to have fun, best at six to 8 players.

Things to know about the game as an owner/player.

You Can Add Game Masters and Quest players to this game; the great news is you can add game maters allowing a tavern or hang-out owner to leave the game out and have staff host quest nights.

 Ten players onboard memory

Add as many GMs as you wish; only one can control the game at a time.

Auto attaching HUD system

No one needs to search their inventory for lost HUDs; touch the Game in this spot.


You need to watch the video to understand how all this works. Honestly, I do my best here on the site, but the video is a fast way to learn.

Touch the section that has the red circle around it, if you are a GM, it will auto-apply the GM HUD; it will take a few seconds, so be patient and wait until the HUD to attach. You need to turn on my experience on the land as well. If you need help with this IM me Thedarkhand Resident my display name is Father Hand.

If you are a player it will attach the character sheet, the system story everyone's stats, and weapons inventory as well as any enchanted weapons you might find in the game allowing people to take as much time needed to complete a quest. 



Add - adds players, and if you are the owner, GMs.

Remove - Removes player for GM; with GM, it clears the whole list except the owner, players you can take out singular with a name drop list.

Play game - This is for a GM to add a character to the game or is on the GM list but is not taking the GM role but using the game as a player. Again, I explain this in more detail in the video.

Bestiary - This contains all the animals, demons, ghosts, and goblins you will need to have great RP and battles.

Map - will open dungeons and map locations.

Doors - Allows GM to add entries.

Traps - This allows GM to set traps.

Stats - This allows GM to control player stats.

Combat - the tools of war.

Reset Game- you will not lose the player data but can reset the other three scripts; this system ran on four scripts and was developed over two years by me.

I only use onboard memory; the cost of a web server and database to hold data like this would cost me about 400 USD a year and my own time in updating as PHP and other aspects change. In addition, coding needs to be adjusted continually with rental servers. The last time I did this, the sales could not keep up with the cost—the good news is no HTTP use and no SL lag when using the game system.

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