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                                                         The Region of Horkos 
  Guardian of oaths watches over these lands, A reminder of your reason for being in Hell. These lands are the beginning of your adventure and where you end up when you leave the tunnels under the mountains. The waterway your party entered in the tunnels spills out to a large sulfuric lake. Nothing resides in the lake, only a small set of docks on one side. Here you will buy your needs, and there is a weapons dealer on the lakeside and a shelter to rest up; these are neutral grounds. There is no combat or beast at the lake, and you should pay your party as the GM so they can buy their needed weapons. Each player has ten coins allowing them to buy a weapon, and each weapon is ten gold coins; you should pay them at least ten more each, so they have a shield and two weapons.

There is a dungeon in Horkos, but you enter it as you leave the lakeside and start the quest. In the Horkos dungeon, you will find animals; some are helping, others are hungry and looking to feed on your party.

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