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Creature Special Attacks

Some are among the myriad enemies that can be faced using spell-like abilities, allowing them to attack in unnatural ways. These enemies must always be treated with caution due to this; there are always horror stories among adventurers of Fire-Breathing Dragons or Petrifying-Gazed Gorgons that are the doom of many a careless party.


Breath Weapon = A Breath Weapon is a gout of flame that shoots out 3 spaces in front of the creature using it. It hits everyone in its path and armour cannot be taken unless the target has a shield; Parry will not work in this case. If the character with a shield successfully blocks out the damage, every character behind them is not hit.


Flaming Weapon = Certain creatures may be able to cause their weapons to ignite. these creatures, while their weapon is flaming will gain +1 to Skill checks with the weapon.


Charm = In certain cases a character may become Charmed. In this case, they may not attack the creature that charmed them and must roll a d6. on a 1-3 they are enthralled by the creature and will fight against their comrades, on a 4-6 they simply stand there in a dreamy daze and count as stunned until they can pass a Will Check against it. Difficulty 3.


Terror = Terror has the same effects as Fear, but all checks made against or while under the effects of terror are at half Will and spells cannot be cast. In addition, the character under the effects of Terror will head for the Dungeon Entrance to leave the dungeon at maximum movement. Difficulty 4.


Indomitable = Indomitable is only gained in rare cases and makes the Character immune to all negative Morale effects. in addition all checks made under Indomitable are at +1 

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