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Combat Actions:

Combat itself is a fluid state of affairs and often action is needed to keep up with the flow of battle. These are actions that can be used during combat to make sure that you emerge victoriously.


Charge = When you see an enemy you will need to get to grips with them. A charge is a standard move that moves a character into contact with an enemy, allowing them to immediately make an attack and hopefully remove their threat for good. When charging, a character gets a +1 to their skill for their attack. You may not charge out of combat.


Disengage = Sometimes discretion may be the better part of valor and a safe withdrawal may be needed. Disengage allows a character to safely escape from combat, stepping back from the enemy in a space of 5 feet.


Rally = Rally allows a character to use their Will stat to aid a party member under the effects of a mental condition. The Rallying character must roll against the effect's difficulty in the same way as normally used for resisting Morale effects, thus restoring them to fighting form.

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