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Characters in the game are mighty heroes, capable of impressive feats. Each has an area of specialty, with strengths and weaknesses to go with them. In the case that you want to be playing a class using a specific race, the races are similar enough that they will all act the same, so feel free to make a personal note of what race your character is!


Barbarian = Barbarians are lightly armored beings of pure frenzy. They get +1 to skill with great weapons and cannot wear anything more than light armour. When entering combat they can activate their Frenzy, giving them an extra attack for 4 rounds of combat. During Frenzy they are also immune to Morale effects. A Barbarian can only Frenzy once per Dungeon.

Skill 3  Will 2  Fate 2  Armour 1


Bard = Bards are battle musicians with the ability to bolster their party with their music. They may wear light armour and can spend their time playing their instrument instead of fighting to use a party-wide version of Bolster, but only if their party members are within the same room as them. The stat increased by Bard's music must be chosen when the bard starts to play and cannot be different among different party members.

Skill 2 Will 3 Fate 2 Armour 1


Cleric = Clerics are War-Priests and good healers. They may wear any armour and can get the spells Healing, Bolster, and Resurrection.

Skill 2 Will 3 Fate 2 Armour 1


Druid = Druids are casters of Natural Magics. They wear light Armour. They bring the forces of Nature to bear to harm or to heal. They may wear light armour and cast the spells Animal Companion, Healing, Vines, and Animal Friendship. They may also transform into an Animal of equal or less Power Level to their Will, although they will be unable to cast spells in their animal form and can only change into a single animal. They may change back at any time. 

Skill 2 Will 3 Fate 2 Armour 1


Fighter = Fighters are frontline tanks and may wear any armour. They may use any weapon and can use the taunt ability to ensure that an enemy will spend all of their efforts on the fighter.

Skill 3  Will 2 Fate 2 Armour 2 (Light Armour and Shield)


Paladin = Paladins are holy Knights and may wear any armour. They may use any weapon. They may use Smite on up to 3 attacks, making that attack deal one extra Fate. When engaging abominations such as Undead or Demons, they ignore the Fear caused by those enemies.

Skill 3  Will 2 Fate 2 Armour 1


Ranger = Rangers are the ranged fighters of the party and get a +1 to skill when using ranged weapons. They may wear heavy armour and came use the Animal Companion spell.

Skill 3  Will 2 Fate 2 Armour 1


Rogue = Rogues are lightly armoured scouts. They wear light Armour. When using a light weapon they get a +1 to skill when using it and on a natural Skill roll of 6 the attack ignores armour. They may also detect traps by ending their movement within two squares of the trap, and disable traps by rolling Skill against the trap's difficulty level in the same way that a caster cast spells off Will.

Skill 3  Will 2 Fate 2 Armour 1


Wizard = Wizards are Arcane cannons, able to deal a great amount of damage with devastating spells. They wear light Armour. They have access to the spells Firebolt, Magic Missile, Mage Armour, Bolster, Nova, and Summon Demon. 

Skill 1 Will 4 Fate 1 Armour 1 

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