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Mountain range controlled by a giant cannibalistic demon, there is no passway to the Vally that leads to the cave of Cerberus in these mountains. However, there is a needed key to open the gates of Minos hidden here. Ork, Goblins, Wolves, and Wraith roam these lands; stay out of the caves as that is where Atahsaia resides; the mountain trails and passages snake in a circle. The mountains are a maze designed to kill anyone looking for the keys to Minos Gate. The group should have to fight three beasts making sure they defeat an Orc Shaman to gain the key to open the gate. Use RP to give one of the players the key and send the group to Minos; you can RP open the gate by clicking it; once they complete the Minos dungeon, they can enter the valley and visit Xezbeth and Cerberus.

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