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Game Designer: Soolah

Game Code and mechanics developer: TheDarkHand

The Darklands, 1st Layer.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.


A divine soul trapped and bound within the first layer of the Hells, a vile plot by the five lords to siphon off their powers, gaining the abilities to pass with impunity into the mortal world, the fervent pleas of both church and state; these are the reasons you now find yourself treading these forsaken shores.

The Ferryman guides his boat back out onto the Sea of Tears behind you as you turn toward the lands of the damned, your back toward the pitiful wails of the souls lost to the dark waters, and your face toward the screams of the tortured beings found in this place.


There is no going back, only forward. You have heard of the myriad ways that a soul can escape the Hells and that within the very same prison that your charge is held are a number of escapees that will have the knowledge that you need, to return whole and intact. But first you must reach them.


Your face sets into a look of steely determination. The ferry is gone, there will be no going back. You can only move forward into this blighted realm.


You take your first steps into the Dark Lands.


Welcome, ye brave souls, to the 1st Layer of the Hells. Ordinarily, the only visitors to this place are the damned, beings who have been cast down by their gods for whatever sins they committed. As such, mighty heroes upset the balance and you can ill expect to be welcomed by the demonic inhabitants, though you can't turn back, for a member of the lesser divinities has been captured and is held here.

Should the Demon Lords on this plane gain their abilities the armies of darkness will spread like a plague. They must be stopped.

That is where you come in and in the pages of this tome, you will find the writings of your humble guide, allowing you to learn that which is needed to fight against the hordes of Hell and emerge triumphantly.

Maybe even to return.

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